Thursday, September 11, 2008


I found an interesting sumthin-sumthin while browsing ye ol' internet for tidbits and the like on, you guess it, made for TV movies!

This article, brought to you by the folks at The TV Squad is called The Five: TV Movies They Don't Show Anymore. I could probably argue that they really don't show any TV Movies anywhere anymore, but you know, I'm a picky old broad.

It's a nice list. Not full of the regular stuff. Read for yourself!

"What's that you say? You found a good article on TV Movies?!? Well do tell!"


Craig Edwards said...

Here's the most annoying thing about blogging: I went to check out the article and the link is dead, effectively killing your post as collateral damage. Do you remember any of the titles?

Amanda By Night said...

Hi Craig!

Sorry for the super late response! I googled it and found the list here:

And I agree with you. I have so many dead links, but I love posting to good TVM content and YT videos, so I guess my site may turn into a trail of broken tears sometimes. ;) Sorry!