Friday, October 17, 2008

More Schtuff!

Well, hello.

I have a new review for my Lifetime Kills ccolumn. This time I take a look at the classic
Lethal Vows (gawd, even though it was made for a network, isn’t the title just so Lifetime?)…

And I did a Top Picks List at Horror Yearbook on Little Known Horror Treasures.

I swear to have more TV Movie reviews soon! Time is a cruel mistress you see.

Enjoy, yo!


Craig Edwards said...

Maybe I should just ask - is that Peter Bergman? ('cause you know what kind of links these are now...sorry!)

Amanda By Night said...

Hi Craig, yes that's Peter. Unfortunately, if you try to access anything on Horror Yearbook, Pretty Scary, Fangirltastic or Planet Fury, it will go to No-wheres-ville. I'm currently creating a new site for all of that work, plus things I've done for print sources, etc. It's just taking some time to get everything moved over. But thanks for trying to look at this stuff! I appreciate it!