Monday, August 17, 2009

What, Me Honest?

Wow, I’m floored. I got another great blog award called The Honest Scrap Award. It comes from a writer I do admire so, John Kenneth Muir. His blog Reflections on Film/TV is one of my favorite spots so I am just absolutely gobsmacked.

This award is given to “a fellow blogger whose blog content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant. This award is about bloggers who post from their heart, who oftentimes put their heart on display as they write from the depths of their soul.”

Ummm, did anyone else see the word brilliant? I know, it’s exciting!

Thank you so much John for your continual support of my blog. It is a high honor indeed, and I truly mean that.

The fun part of this award is that you are supposed to write ten honest things about yourself and then nominate seven other bloggers you admire to do the same. Well, as you know, I love talking about myself and I love spreading the love so two great tastes that taste great together make for a really fun, kind of experimental award!

Here goes:

1. I prefer vhs to DVD. There, I said it.

2. Magnum P.I. is my all time favorite show and I cry every time I watch the episode Limbo, where Magnum "dies." Luckily, the bigwigs at CBS brought Thomas back for half a season and the show ends on a much lighter note. One which I am glad they ultimately chose.

3. Riptide might be full of hot-as-Arizona-asphalt-machismo in the way of Perry King and Joe Penny, but I always had a crush on the nerdy guy played by Thom Bray. In fact, I’ve been in love with him since I was about 13. That’s a long time!


4. I love minimalist slashers like Madman and The Prey. I think less is more in the world of slice and dice and hate when horror decides to get all caught up in its own subplots.

5. I am absolutely terrified to go back to school in the fall. It’s been almost 15 years, but it’s about time I did something worthwhile in this life.

6. I actually babysat for Karen Black when I was a production assistant on a movie. Her daughter was a very sweet girl; Karen was… something else entirely.

7. I told Gillian Anderson I liked her cleavage and she thanked me.

8. I cried a river when Bea Arthur passed away. She reminded me a lot of my mom, and died on what would have been my mom’s birthday (she passed away in 2005).

9. I wish my writing was funnier. And I mean funny-ha-ha.

10. I sometimes wish Parker Stevenson’s car would break down outside my house and he’d ask to use my phone. Yeah, you can read in-between the lines on that one!

OK, enough about me, what do you think about my hair?

Or, more importantly, here are seven incredible blogs you should be visiting every day:

Kindertrauma: One of my favorite spots, this site just keeps getting better and better.

Anchorwoman in Peril: Ross hasn’t been around to update it lately, but he’s got two other swell blogs that you can visit from the Anchorwoman site (Musty Moments and My First Dictionary). His writing is sublimely brilliant, and he’s cute to boot!

Cinema du Meep: Michael’s blog has something for everyone… and then some. For a completely unpretentious look at all things cinema, with an extra nod towards the obscure, this is your one stop shop!

Moon in the Gutter: I love this site. Jeremy, who also has a couple of offshoot blogs you can connect to through Moon (including Harry Moseby Confidential, which is absolutely incredible), knows a little bit about everything and is so openly honest about his love for film in general, he is constantly reminding me why I have had such a crush on the medium. And the layout – well, it’s fantastico! Oh yeah, and he loves Lou Grant! How I adore this guy!

Awesomeness for Awesome's Sake: Beware: This is not a work environment friendly blog, but it's a must see. Full of all things pop culture - adult and otherwise - it’s a fun, if slightly shocking, site and sometimes it’s the most fun in the world!

Tower Farm Reviews: Just discovered this blog about a month ago. It’s awesome. I mean, they give equal love to slashers and made for TV movies with Tori Spelling. Now that’s just cool.

Club Silencio: And finally, a blog I just don’t visit enough, but love every time I get a chance to pop by. You can tell by the moniker, there’s a little extra love for the Lynch, and that just wins my heart. But it’s also a very well written and beautiful looking blog. Stop by and tell ‘em Amanda By Night sent ya!

These lists are always hard because I love so many blogs out there, and I like changing up the lists a bit when I can, because I don’t want to mention the same ones over and over again. I hope no one feels omitted, because I love you all! It’s been a wild ride, an age of discovery if you will, surfing the untamed net and realizing that yeah, awesome movie lovers still exist.

And of course, please stop by John Kenneth Muir's Reflections on Film/TV because it’s one of the best! Thanks again John!


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Theron said...

Congrats, Amanda. You deserve it! Oh, also, your hair is divine!

John Kenneth Muir said...

Amanda -- You are awesome, indeed, and I love visiting your blog.

I also share your love for Madman (a really, really wacky movie...) and The Prey. Two very underrated movies of the 1980s, I think.

And hey - good luck returning to school! This is a path I may be taking soon as well, so I understand your uncertainty about it. If you want, e-mail me about your experience and we can trade horror stories come the fall!

And Jeez -- whatever you do at school -- don't stop blogging!!!

best wishes,
John Kenneth Muir

Propagatrix said...


You are definitely my sister from another mister...I too have had a lifelong crush on Thom Bray. This is getting really spooky now!

Amanda By Night said...

Hi everybody!

Thanks so much for the comments! I'll do my best John to keep blogging. I hope to write in-between the super long breaks I'll have between some classes!

Propagatrix - Another Thom Bray fan? Nice!

kindertrauma said...

You truly are brilliant. Thanks for giving me a heads up on the DVD release of Bad Ronald! Me & AJ consider ourselves your biggest fans but we know you have many more! Congrats on going back to school-luv Unk

Kerry said...

Congrats Amanda! I love reading your stuff and I have always gone for the nerdy guys myself!

Ross Horsley said...

Congrats on the award (and thanks for the kind comments to boot!). I for one certainly don't think your writing needs to be any funnier... If it *was* it'd be downright dangerous!