Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back to School... Again!

Time, she is a cruel mistress. Summer has come and gone and boy what a summer it was! After moving clear across the country to parts unknown this past spring, I lived in a hotel for two months and then relocated into a fairly fab wood panelled house and jumped into the summer semester. Six weeks after that when classes ended, I felt that kind of giddy freedom we don't get to feel all that often. Then the basement flooded during the strangest storm ever. Two weeks of cleaning up and I had approximately three days to enjoy the break. And here I am, ready to dive back in!

As much as I love the whole getting-an-education process, I know it's really all about what goes on after school, which is what our theme is here today. Check out some great promos below for the ABC Afterschool Special and CBS Schoolbreak (and one cool TVM)! Also you can read my reviews of some of the Afterschool DVDs here, here and here.


Morgan said...

I need to get these Afterschool Specials on DVD! Lance Guest (Swwwing!)

Amanda By Night said...

Lance Guest makes me giggle! :)