Thursday, August 19, 2010

The California Kid is on DVD!

And has been for the last three years!

Where have I been?!?

The California Kid is an ultra-cool thriller set in the 50s about a James Dean type (Martin Sheen being all hawt) avenging his brother's death (Joe Estevez!) after he's run off the road near a small town. The sheriff (Vic Morrow) is pretty dang evil you see, and only one leather clad hottie can take care of him. Kid also features Michelle Phillips and Nick Nolte (and Janit Baldwin from Humongous!).

I'm thrilled! I thought this was one of those forever lost movies and was happy to discover that I was wrong, wrong, WRONG when I found it for sale at Amazon (and cheap)! This is a seriously underrated movie, so pick up a copy today!


VoyagerG said...

Now this looks like something fun! lol. I recently saw Martin Sheen in the 1991 based on true story MFTVM-'Presumed Guilty' with major Hawty Brendan Fraser (fresh off his first flick Encino Man or right before.) I loved both their performances and the fact it took place in Brooklyn, but Marine Park NEVER had a lake or a bridge like that! LOL.

Amanda By Night said...

This is a great movie featuring a young Sheen when he owned the 70s!