Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's Award Season

So, I was doing my regular blog surf the other day and came across someone who thinks these blogger awards are really lame (they used much harsher language, but you know I’m a frickin’ lady and shit) and I found it to be sort of offensive. I mean, unless you had some giant blog that millions of people frequent all of the time, you’d think you’d be honored that someone enjoys your writing. Maybe if Roger Ebert got a blogger award or something, and this person certainly isn’t Ebert… I mean, I’m just saying…

Anyway, two people gave me an award called The Versatile Blogger Award and goshdarnit, I am very honored. So please, let me thank Joanna from Christmas TV Companion and The Girl Who Loves Horror. Her real name is unknown to me and it makes her all enigmatic and sexy. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for coming by and for enjoying the content. I say it all the time, but let me squeeze it in once more, this blog regards a very narrow topic and I’m so pleased that people enjoy reading about these movies, which otherwise seem to have almost been forgotten. I can’t tell you how much appreciate it.

Asa giving me a tip o' the hat!

My job here is to thank the bloggers who awarded me (check!), then write seven things about myself and then give this award to ten blogs I adore. Here we go:

So, now onto the important stuff - me, me, ME! Yay! If there’s one thing I am an expert on, it’s moi. Hmmm, seven interesting things is still a lot, but let me see:

1. See the elephant in my banner? I know a lot of people stop by and can’t figure out why he’s there – it doesn't exactly scream TV movie, right? But when I started this blog at LiveJournal, I had to pick from one of their layouts and the colors came the closest to having a 70s retro feel. Also, I like elephants. And so he’s become my mascot and although I have the power to change him, I just don’t want to.

2. I’ve gotten drunk with TV movie director Gordon Hessler is his mansion like house! I love him most for Scream, Pretty Peggy and because he makes an awesome Manhattan!

3. I am fixated on the word Zoinks and use it in conversation as often as possible.

4. I do a damn good Danielle Steel impression.

5. My father looked a bit like Charles Bronson, therefore, I am obsessed with Charles Bronson.

My dad always had two guns blazing too!

6. I am slowly building up my Shades of Love collection. Shades was a Canadian TV movie romance series that featured Parker Stevenson, Dack Rambo and other hunky studs. It’s so melodramatic and sentimental and I’ve seen the movies I’ve found a thousand times! All the episodes are indicative of a color (hence Shades in the title) and my fiancĂ© just got me one called Make Mine Chartreuse! My guy must really love me!

7. I think Sue Ellen Ewing on Dallas is probably one of the most interesting and complex characters ever created for not only nighttime soaps, but for television in general.


Now I’m supposed to select ten blogs that I adore. I have been really busy in school and I’m not sure I have been frequenting that many blogs of late, but let me just list some here:

Go Retro - I adore this blog. Pam has a lot of heart and is interested in many different things regarding retro pop culture. Check out her Hottie of the Month and her look at twisted adverts. This blog guarantees big smiles.

Blanked as Ordered - Ryan Orvis is the guy who gave me my start in the world of writing. He created a fanzine called Debaser and asked me to write about horror for him (and of course I did an article on TV movies!) and I owe him a lot. He’s also a great guy who loves all things exploitation and is a big music nut (and a fabulous musician). His wife has recently got him into slashers as well, so he’s added that to his blog. It’s so well written and thoughtful, you are sure to walk away with some kind of neat knowledge of something!

The Kid in the Hall - Morgan is cool and has almost the exact same taste in movies that I do. It’s like we’re crazy twins… crazy evil twins! Her passion is contagious and her blog is definitely worth a look!

Moon in the Gutter - I think I may have mentioned Moon before, but it’s worth mentioning again. This blog has a little bit of everything from arty to exploitive film, there’s info on music and essentially this is a diary of a movie fanatic’s life. I find Jeremy’s writing to be incredible and insightful and his openness to share his passion of film and music with the world is extraordinary. He makes me want to see movies I thought I never wanted to see! And Jeremy and I formed an unholy union when he told me he also likes A Certain Sacrifice (Madonna’s first movie)! Now I know there are two of us!

Well, that’s four! These are all blogs worth discovering, if you haven’t already! And I’m sure I can get the list up to ten easily if you check out the posts I did when I received The Premio Dardo Award, The You Are a Great Read Award, One Lovely Blog Award, and the Honest Scrap Award. I have several other blogs listed there and they are all wonderful!

Thanks again to the Girl Who Loves Horror and Joanna for bestowing this award upon my ass!

My buddy!


Michele (TheGirlWhoLovesHorror) said...

I'm just amazed at how much crap you know about these movies and the actors! Your brain must be huge.

I would tell you my real name, but I like being considered enigmatic and sexy.

Morgan said...

Your dad looks like Charles Bronson? Nice! My dad is a cross between Bill Murray and John C. Reilley, haha.

Thank you very much for the award, Amanda! It's an honor to be like your crazy evil twin!

Joanna said...

Aawww...I want to be enigmatic and sexy too. But you already know my name.

My dad looks like Eb Dawson on 'Green Acres.' What does that say about me?

Pam said...

First of all, congrats on your Versatile Blogger award! It's saying a lot that not one, but two bloggers chose to recognize you - well deserved!

Second, thanks for passing the award onto Go Retro! So sweet of you...and it will keep me busy to list 10 interesting things about myself.

Thirdly, I was wondering about the elephant in the banner, but I like him, too, and agree that you should keep him!

Fourthly, please let your friend Morgan know that I actually think both Bill Murray and John C. Reilly are cute and sexy in a funny way! I love the both of them.

Congrats again! :)

Nostalgia Kinky said...

Hey Amanda,
Thanks so much for awarding me and for the very nice words. I have so much respect for your work (and your all around coolness) so it really means a lot.
I am preparing to go out of town for a few days but I will try and get my responses up before I split. If not, it will be next week.
Thanks again!

Amanda By Night said...

Thanks all for the nice comments. I am so proud whenever someone acknowledges (sp? sorry, I'm tired!) my site and I love passing the love along. I've discovered some great blogs and made some awesome friends because of it!

VoyagerG said...

Congrats again! You are my favorite blogger, and even if the subject matter *seems* narrow, it's very, very versatile! LOL. And I'm still honored over receiving the 'One lovely blog' award from you last year. Thanks a bunch!