Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Little Linkage

OK, OK, so the linkage doesn't really star Bert Convy, but I thought I'd throw a little bit of studliness into the mix!

There's been a some interesting TV movie info floating around the ether lately so I thought I'd spread the love.

About a week ago I posted a link to a YouTube clip featuring the hunky Robert Urich reminiscing about Killdozer on Conan, and the awesome W.B. Kelso at Micro-brewed Reviews sent me a link to his post explaining how he's connected to the whole Killdozer/Conan event. Pretty great stuff!

Also, someone on my TV Movie Yahoo group who calls themselves Salty Essentials (love it!) also sent me this link regarding the history of the Movie of the Week and the Bermuda Depths. It's quite an interesting read!

And Jerry Perzanowski at Dead Eye Delirium wrote a great review of the Dick Van Dyke's tour de force in the rare TV Movie The Morning After.

Enjoy kiddos!

Today's post has been brought to you by the letter M for Machismo


Anonymous said...

great links! Thanks!
Dreaded Dreams
Petunia Scareum

Unknown said...

wow, that's gotta be the most extensive review i've ever seen for the bermuda depths!

W.B. Kelso said...

Thanks for the plug!

And Ken over at Jabootu is well renown for his incisive, exhaustive and in depth reviews. Fantastic stuff, and always a good read.

Amanda By Night said...

Thanks guys for commenting. I'm glad I got turned onto to Jabootu. Looks awesome!