Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back in Black: An Update on the Woman in Black Remake

This is pretty old hat by now, but Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) has been cast to star in Hammer’s remake of The Woman in Black! Very cool news indeed. Although I find him a bit too young, I think this is going to be an interesting re-visioning of what I consider a classic in small screen horror. However, I’m reserving some trepidations regarding the decision to film the remake in 3D. Aside from one harrowing scene in the film, I can’t imagine that such a cerebral work needs any fancy technical trickery. Can’t help it, it makes me fear for the worst.

However, Filmstalker wrote a really interesting article on the people who will be behind the camera, and although the writer of this article is anti-3D in general he’s gives a lot of positive info on the filmmakers and their track record. This is another film I am anticipating if only because I’m so totally curious as to how they’ll pull it off.

Fans of the Woman in Black are probably aware it was a novel by Susan Hill and a stage play before it was a British TVM. Someone uploaded a performance of the play and you can watch a clip below and then just follow the links for more! Enjoy!


Thomas Duke said...

The original is one of my top favorite made for tv horror films. This remake could be interesting. Thanks for the link for the play version, I'll check it out.

Amanda By Night said...

I the original Woman in Black too. It's so quietly unsettling. I agree, this is going to be one interesting remake!