Friday, May 25, 2012

Biddi, Biddi, Biddi: Oh, Buck!

When I think of Buck Rogers I think of those warm summer days and nights of my childhood, where Twiki was a hot topic and Princess Ardala was one scary Draconian Princess! Although it only ran two seasons, Buck and his merry day-glo band left a deep impact in my heart. As an adult I see why, although I'm sure I didn't catch a lot of the suggestive humor or camera trickery. Nor did I truly appreciate the awesomely awesome costumes which adorned such lucky actresses as Erin Gray and Pamela Hensley (btw, did they sew Erin Gray into that super tight blue thing she always wore? Holy cow). But now that I'm revisiting the series via Netflix I am reassessing all things late 70s spacey.

The episode Escape From Wedded Bliss isn't necessarily better than any of the other episodes, but it left me gobsmacked by the colorful cornucopia of glittery royal bikini wear (really Princess Ardala, that's just a bathing suit with a sparkly hat and cape) and the bright, bright lights of New Chicago. If you remember Buck and think you might not find the show as much fun in your adult years, I think you should go to Netflix now and get your Dr. Theo-on because it's even better now. Or maybe I'm just remembering it better now... who knows? At any rate, I encourage one and all to re-fall in love with all things Buck!

Never, I repeat never bother Princess Ardala when she's getting a rubdown by slavegirls!

Did you know that in the future they will get rid of roller blades and go back to roller skates! Oh yes, they will!

This is seriously the most suggestive space ship landing I have ever seen!

Princess Ardala whips out the royal bikini wear for an auspicious occasion

Col. Wilma Deering decides to go undercover as a creamsicle

Tiger Man: Fashion Forward

Space age roofie!

Space age girdle?

Princess Ardala's faboo bikini wedding wear!

Shotgun wedding! Ha! I'm here all weeks guys!

The highlight of the episode was that they actually featured a scene with Twiki acting! I'm not kidding. He's all upset that Buck won't take him on an adventure so he starts to mope (in the dark no less). Buck finally feels the guilt and invites Twiki along for the ride. Here are two of the more moving moments from the episode:

Twiki Sad

Twiki Happy

And one last thing: Dr. Theo = Adorable


Wings1295 said...

I loved Buck, Wilma, Twiki and the whole damn show. Just such a classic 70s memory for me. :)

Shell said...

I have fond memories of watching Buck Rogers. Came on Thursday nights on NBC. My uncle took me to see the movie, that kicked of the tv series, since he was a Buck Rogers from way back.
It's on Netflix. Woohoo..i can go back and relive it all.

Thomas Duke said...

Dear god I love this series. You could take pic captures from it all day. I have the DVD set, and I swear I paid $8 for it. Best eight bucks I ever spent.

Amanda By Night said...

Glad to see some other Buck Rogers fans out there. This show is truly fantastic, and I'm sorry it took me this long to revisit it.

And Gil Gerard... rawr!

K0dama said...

my husband and I watched this episode last night (we bought the series a few months ago). My favourite part of the episode? Tiger Man speaks!!

Anonymous said...

Princess Ardala is really hot, Wilma is coldfish