Friday, November 9, 2012

Must See TV Movie of the Week: Disaster on the Coastliner (1979)

Disaster on the Coastliner is pure 70s small screen goodness, featuring a bereft Paul Smith (he's probably best known as either Bluto from Popeye or Willard in Pieces... my god, I love him!) who sets two trains on a collision course to awesomeness!

This is star studded event, which originally aired on ABC on October 29th, 1979, features everyone from Lloyd Bridges, Raymond Burr, E.G. Marshall to the always lovely Yvette Mimieux. But it is William Shatner who owns this film as the charming con artist who must save the day. It's got everything, fast action, smoking, alcohol, a bunch of guys in suits trying to run the show and a little machismo called William Shatner.

Action packed and fabulous, it's all kinds of great! And Netflix has it streaming right now... So get your caboose over to your TV!

Ha. I'm here all week.

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