Friday, August 9, 2013

Whoopee for Me! Me-TV that is!

Last night Me-TV announced their new fall schedule and they weren't joking when they said they had some big announcements.

First of all, they are going to be showing Love Boat on Sundays at 2 pm! I'm seriously excited about that little bit of news. In fact, their entire Sunday lineup is drool-worthy, because we can also look forward to the return of The Streets of San Francisco, Cannon, The Rockford Files, Kojak and Remington Steele, all of which will all air before their regular Sunday night Columbo! I think you know where you'll find me every Sunday...

But that's actually not the best news.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw that Me-TV is going to be showing Made for TV Movies!!! Yes, you read that right, the TV movie is making a well-deserved and long anticipated comeback on Friday nights at 8 pm. The movies will be associated with iconic television shows, and they've got some great ones in their lineup, like a 2 hour Vegas TVM and much, much more. Check out their fall schedule here.

Now excuse me for a moment while I faint. 

Not sure if Me-TV is showing this or the pilot movie, but a girl likes to dream! 


Wings1295 said...

Going to go check the link. I hope they play the Bionic films, although those shows are airing on Cosi TV. Good stuff, tho!

Lacey said...

I like M-TV, I just wish they would not slice the shows to pieces. We watch these shows becasue they are good,, but also becasue we REMEMBER them. Watching them on Me-TV is like listening to a record that keeps skipping. You come to a lyric you know and "CLICK" it skips to the next part. I have stopped watching Star Trek becasue it drives me crazy. I hope they just extend the running time of the movies to allow for the needed commercials, instead of cutting the content to meet imaginary time deadlines.