Friday, February 7, 2014

Horror at 37,000 Feet is Coming to DVD!

Mark your calendars for March 18th, a day that will be remembered as The Day of the TV Movie.

OK, perhaps I am exaggerating a bit, but this is indeed a day that TV movie lovers will rejoice, as Paramount unleashes the cult TVM Horror at 37,000 Feet on DVD. I know, how amazingly cool is that?!?

As many of you know, Shout Factory released the double disc TVM pack The Initiation of Sarah and Are You in the House Alone just last December, and Amazon is streaming some pretty decent flicks from the genre (updated list coming soon). This is turning out to be a truly great time for small screen films!

Fanning the flames!
I hope that even if you have a **cough** copy **cough** of these films, you pick up, or stream the legitimate releases. Trust me, as a starving student I know that is not always possible, but if you can support the small screen films that could, it may lead to more releases, commentaries or a gazillion other types of extras. It's a great way to document these films and properly preserve them... That's the wishful wannabe-archivist-dreaming in me, but you know what? These movies been good to us, they deserve some love!

Read my review here.

I wonder whatever happened to the movie 7500?

OK, as you were!


BillyWitchDoctor said...

Absolutely! I upload and download like a b*****d, but strictly the stuff that I (or in the case of uploads, others) can't obtain without a VHS, or international connections, or honking out big bucks to some highway robber on eBay.

If I can pick it up from Amazon, why clog up my drive with a rip of a third-generation broadcast-TV-to-DVD-R? And of course, the more shekels they accumulate from their releases, the more releases will be coming!

Right off the top of my head, I'd kill to see Curtis Harrington and Kate Jackson's Killer Bees, Richard Williams and Chuck Jones' Oscar-winning A Christmas Carol, and Robert Urich and Ali MacGraw's Survive the Savage Sea on disc.

Sometimes, though, the releases can be ridiculously underpublicized--particularly when released by Echo Bridge. Sally Field's proto-slasher Home For the Holidays, Jill Clayburgh and LeVar Burton's no-budget Firestorm: 72 Hours in Oakland, and the hilarious all-star Death Flight (AKA SST: Disaster in the Sky) all got nice transfers quietly dumped in Echo Bridge DVD sets. I only found out about them by sheer dumb luck! C'mon, EB! Don't you wanna make a buck on these things?

Amanda By Night said...

So true, Billy! I actually kind of forgot that Home for the Holidays was on DVD, so thank you for reminding me! I need to expand this and do a bigger blog post!

I could dream all day about the DVDs I'd love to see. The Dark Night of the Scarecrow disc just about hit the right spot!

Thanks for your comment, btw! Love to see the TVM passion! :)

Craig Edwards said...

I'm a good little stick in the mud - I left bootlegging behind when VHS tapes got Macrovision-ed and could no longer be copied VCR-VCR. But I do love TV movies and seeing titles of old TV flicks on a DVD bargain set will often tip the scales for me to get it. I will definitely pick up 37,000 when I can!

Brother Bill said...

BillyWitchDoctor (or anyone else who can help...?) can you please post a link to the Echo Bridge DVD containing "Home for The Holidays"? I can't find it anywhere... even on their website!


Amanda By Night said...

Hi Billy,

It looks like it's part of this 8 pack DVD set:

Hope that helps!