Sunday, April 25, 2010

This House Possessed (1981): The Images

This House Possessed is without a doubt, my all time favorite made for television movie ever. EVER. Yet, I have not written about it on my blog. I've reviewed it elsewhere (read my reviews here and here), watched it a gazillion times and have told anyone in ear distance just how much I love this uber-atmospheric and utterly ambiguous horror film. And it's not just because Parker Stevenson is the hottest thing since Jermaine Stewart made me realize that I didn't have to take my clothes off to have a good time (oh no). It's simply because this is one damn good movie. As a kid, I was forever haunted by Tanya's blood shower and completely entranced by Sheila's yellow wardrobe. House taught me that in a world of creepy haunted houses you could still find love with a gorgeous pop star. House made me who I am today (take it as you will). This Amanda Obsessed! Whoops, I mean Possessed!

One of the things I adore about House is that you never know exactly why the house does what it does. You know it watches Gary before he moves in, but you're never quite sure how he got him to the house, nor do you know why it chose Gary. I mean, why did it want the sexy rock singer to fall in love with Sheila (and vice versa) when the house itself was in love with her? And why did it attack Gary less viciously when he did Sheila wrong? I don't know. And in some ways I'm glad I don't. House is a movie that has more questions than answers. It's a freaking riddle wrapped up in an enigma (how I have always wanted to say that!) and if you're open to these kinds of films, House will leave you considering every option. It's the movie that keeps on giving!

And it will leave you wanting to say "Don't get so frosted!" Trust me, it will! But for now, I'll leave you with an image gallery (most of these were used for one of my reviews on another site) for the best undiscovered movie going!

This House Possessed Image Gallery:


Jenn said...


This is one of my faves too! If only for that song! THAT SONG! Gary's such a sexpot. :)

Rob said...

Good Lord...I came to your site via Kindertrauma today and while there decided to check if you'd reviewed 'This House Possessed' and today of all days you decided to review it! This movie has stuck with me forever,partly because I always liked Lisa Eilbacher but also the horror that is Joan Bennett's lipstick,not to mention the rough manner of her dispatching. I mean, you don't KILL little old ladies, even if they are nuts! Now I gotta check and see if you've reviewed "Don't Go to Sleep" with Valerie Harper!

The Vicar of VHS said...

Funny you should mention the blood shower in your post, b/c that scene traumatized my younger brother for YEARS after his initial viewing! I rewatched and reviewed this one last year over at Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies, and it definitely holds up very well, imo. Have they done a DVD of this yet? Why NOT? :)

Amanda By Night said...

Jenn - YES! Gary is a MAJOR sexpot. I saw this movie the night it premiered because Parker starred in it. Luckily, it was a damn good movie and I used to watch it every year on TBS when they'd air it around Halloween (oh TBS, why did you change?)

Rob - Thanks for stopping by! Joan Bennent's lipstick is something to be terrified of! And yes, there is a review of Don't Go To Sleep. That's another film that has aged incredibly well. Definitely one of the scariest TVMs of all time.

Vicar - I would KILL for a DVD. For years, I only had a barely watchable copy on vhs. I'd sit through all the snowy-ness because I adore it that much. Currently I have a copy from Turner South. It's not the best, but I can at least make out the images correctly!

Thanks all for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

Debbie said...

I first saw this movie when it came out in 1981 when I was 16. It scared the hell out of me, but I managed to keep peeking at it through my hands if only to ogle Parker Stevenson. lol
I've always liked it; wish I had a copy!

Todd said...

Don't fall over... but I have been to "This House Possessed." It looks exactly as it does in the movie. The same furniture is still inside from 1981. I video taped my walk-thru and met the owners. That was 16 years ago and the husband has since passed away. I LOVE this movie too. I can recite it word for word like you. Glad to see there are others out there!

Amanda By Night said...

Todd, SO sorry for the late response. Not sure you'll see this, but if you could let me know exactly where this house is (I mean town, not addy), I would really appreciate it. I'd love to see this house in person. I'm so jealous that you got the full tour!

I am so glad to see another big fan of this movie. It's my favorite of all the great TVMs out there.

Thanks so much for commenting!

Happy Appleman said...

Todd, I would love to see your walk through video is it posted anywhere?

Kay said...

I was 8 when this premiered and remember being totally creeped out by the swimming pool. So glad to see it stayed in the hearts and minds of those with a taste for 80's TVM GOLD...

Amanda By Night said...

Hi Kay,

Always nice to meet another THP fan! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!