Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Made for TV Mayhem Minute!

I'm very excited to announce that I will be doing something called The Made for TV Mayhem Minute for the podcast in conjunction with the never safe for work site Movies About Girls! I'll be hosting a short segment each week on any and everything TV movie (and probably some other stuff too)! The show alternates air dates so you can just look at the links in this article to see what is going to air when and I'll post links to the archived podcasts. I was a little torn for my intro post, since this is all new to me, but finally decided to spoon some tidbits on what we might have been watching on August 6th, 1982... Good TV never dies!

And a big thanks goes out to Ken McIntyre and his beautiful wife Stacey for taking a chance on a kid like me!


Dave S said...

That's fantastic, Amanda! I'm heading right on over to their FB page... I've got my "liking" finger all ready to go.

Sleazegrinder said...

The pleasure is all ours! First one will be in this week's broadcast Sat Aug 6th!