Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stuff and Nonsense!

OK, I finally put up a new poll. This month is dedicated to the desert heat! Check out your options and exercise your right to party... oh, I mean vote! Lots of good choices. I'm not sure exactly who I plan to give my love to.

I've reviewed a few of these bad land flicks. You can read reviews for:

Weekend of Terror
Dying Room Only
Pray for the Wildcats
China Lake Murders

Get to clicking!

And here's a great clip from The Neon Ceiling:

Last month's women in prison poll went really well and Born Innocent came in first with the Charlie's Angels episode Angels in Chains giving little Linda Blair a run for her money! I was pleased to see every film in the poll got at least one vote. I'm glad to see we still enjoy chicks behind bars!

I also have a new review up at Retro Slashers for The Fan, which is a truly underrated little thriller.

Hopefully, this will keep everyone busy until I can get some new reviews up!

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