Friday, June 28, 2013

TV Movie Memes!

On a whim I decided to see if I could live in the modern world and make a bunch of memes. Of course, I had to keep it all retro, and I had fun. So, I went crazy and created all of the images below.

Most of the following stills came from TV movies (note: MFTVM reader and all around TVM nut Amyellyn came up with the idea for the "Drink Coffee" Stranger Within meme. Thank you Amy!). I'm not sure who will like them, or even care about them, but that little voice inside kept saying, "Ahhhh," while I was making 'em. Isn't it all about inner peace?

If you like these, please free to share them where ever your heart takes you. All I ask is that you keep the little "" tag on them, so other TV movie luvin' people know where to find me.

What memes do you like?

TV Movie Memes

Bad Ronald:

The Devil's Daughter:

Dark Night of the Scarecrow:

Do Not Fold, Spindle or Mutilate:

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark:


Gargoyles #1:

Gargoyles #2:


The Stranger Within #1:

The Stranger Within #2:

This House Possessed #1:

This House Possessed #2:

This House Possessed #3:

TV Show Memes 


Fantasy Island:

Flo from Alice:


Twiki from Buck Rogers:


Wings1295 said...

All are like, totally awesome.

Propagatrix said...


Trevor said...

haha 'live in the modern world'

I like the Dark Night, Don't Be Afraid, and the Gargoyles ones. Great job!

Amanda By Night said...

Thanks guys for all the nice comments. Much appreciated. They were a lot of fun to do. Meditative, even.

Yes, I'm obsessed! :)