Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ewing Oil: A Character All Its Own

Dallas entertained several incredible locations. The show was mostly shot in Los Angeles, but the makers of the greatest night time soap caught the awesome aura of the Ewing clan with breathtaking exteriors shots all around Texas. Although I loved Southfork, I think the building that really captured the personality of the show best was Ewing Oil. It’s menacing presence became an extension of J.R.’s cool and intimidating power. He was one of our favorite love-to-hate-villains and the steel exterior of the Renaissance Tower (located at 1201 Elm Street) was J.R. through and through.

The Renaissance Tower, located in the heart of downtown Dallas, was the tallest building when it was constructed in 1974 and now stands as the fifth tallest building in Texas and one of the largest structures in the United States. Although you saw little of the interiors aside from J.R. and Bobby’s offices and the reception area, the Tower came to represent the mega-empire that was Ewing Oil. It seemed that the company took up all 56 floors and that J.R. had a bug in every phone! That guy was on it!

Dallas re-used a lot of the exterior shots of the building, and here’s a look at some of my favorites:


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VoyagerG said...

I LOVE the last shot when the clouds roll over the windows. It's gorgeous! WOW, I didn't realize they took up the entire building! lol