Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tom Selleck turns 65!

As far as I’m concerned, there never has been and there never will be a show as wonderful as Magnum P.I. It actually gets better as time goes on. So does Tom, who has proved he’s more than just machismo on a stick (but I’m not complaining about that!). His likable persona and extraordinary talent have kept him going strong on the big and small screen for three decades! There’s something so guy-next-door about him and I think he deserves every bit of success he’s ever had.

Don't worry Tom. You still look great!

Currently Hulu is hosting the pilot and various episodes from the first season of Magnum. Watch and learn.

And don’t forget you can rent/stream all eight seasons of Magnum on Netflix! YAY!

Also, please check out Magnum Mania, which is an incredible Magnum fansite!

One of Tom's first appearances was in the 1970 TV movie The Movie Murderer, and he got a nifty "Introducing" credit. Greatness was waiting just around the corner! Strangely enough, this thriller also featured Elisha Cook, whom Magnum fans will instantly recognize as Icepick! Co-inky-dink or kismet?

I hope that Tom has a wonderful birthday with his family and friends. The fans are celebrating right along with you, Mr. Selleck! And here’s to 65 more!


Margaret said...

I love Tom Selleck too Amanda! My fav movie of his has got to be "Quigley Down Under." ;)

Thanks for the info on his Birthday! He looks so fine for 65! I saw him in "Vegas" I believe it was, not too long ago. :) (the TV show, not for real!)

And he's such a charmer! He's still got it after all these years!

great blog post! :D

Staci Layne Wilson said...

What was that movie he did with Paulina Porizkova (sp?). It wasn't as bad as it was made out to be, at least not at the time!

VoyagerG said...

Now I really have to watch more Magnum! Him and his shorts crack me up. Look how he young he was in that seventies movie! Nice post. :)

Amanda By Night said...

Margaret, yes, he's still got it!

Staci, that's Her Alibi. I'm not sure I saw that one. He was great in Folks!

Ginger, I kind of giggle at the short shorts too. He was all legs and no torso!

Thanks guys for the comments. Tom is the BEST!

Pam said...

This just seems so wrong - how can Magnum P.I. be 65??? Crazy. He looks better with the trademark 'stache.

Amanda By Night said...

I like him with the stace too, Pam. But regardless, that man is the "It" factor x 10!