Sunday, January 10, 2010

Not Just a Blog... One Lovely Blog!

A big thank you goes to Professor Brian O’Blivian at the cool-as-beans blog Cathode Ray Mission for bestowing Made for TV Mayhem with the One Lovely Blog Award (and aren’t flowers always lovely?). I really appreciate the nod and here I am to return the honor.

Now, we’re supposed to name 15 blogs, but I’ve kind of been off the blog radar for the last few months thanks to school. Aristotle I adore you, but you’ve gotten in the way of fun… Anyway, as I do my best Diane Chambers impression, I’ll go ahead and give honors to a few blogs that I haven’t mentioned before. All are worth not just a look, but a bookmark and maybe even a daily visit. Enjoy!

Voyagers Guidebook – Some blogs look like pop culture stops but often serve as something far more important. Ginger’s excellent Voyagers Guidebook is one of those blogs. While fans of the 80s fantastical series Voyagers will get a kick out of Ginger’s in-depth analysis of the show, passing fans will also find it informative and fun. But even more importantly, this blog serves as a legacy to the late star of Voyagers, Jon Erik Hexum (Making of a Male Model), who died at the tender age of 26 after a terrible on set accident. This blog takes a lot care in preserving Hexum’s memory. The passionate writing is contagious and if you’ve never seen the show, stop by and I guarantee you, Ginger will pique your interest!

Phineas 4ever!

Hit or Miss Pop Culture – It’s official, I have a crazy straight girl crush on Jenny Day, who probably has one of the biggest brains in the world when it comes to pop culture. Seriously, this girl eats and breathes the 70s and 80s, and this is just one of her many blogs. I picked Hit or Miss because I’m crazy about the use of Blair from Facts of Life for her mascot. Adorable. She’s a great read, so stop on by!

The Christmas TV Companion – OK, so the holidays are over, but Joanna’s blog, which accompanies her book of the same name, goes all year! Or so I hope, as her blog is fairly new. It’s got lots of great tidbits about oddball holiday television specials and is written with a lot of heart. Plus, she’s all about the Brady Bunch, and that makes her even that much cooler!

Vitamin Burger – Mitch loves horror and I love Mitch. This is an awesome blog that doesn’t contain itself to just gooey horror treats, but also covers music and whatever else Mitch is thinking about. He loves film and music and it shows in his knowledge and writing. I visit Mitch as often as possible and always enjoy his unpretentious take on things.

Dinner with Max Jenke – I’ve been reading this blog for awhile off and on as time would allow, and I really enjoy the mix of modern with retro and his general love and appreciation for all things horror. While I feel burnt out on most modern genre films, this blog sort of reignites a little passion in me and constantly reminds me why I love horror films in the first place. So basically, I’m a pompous pie-hole and this guy rules!

Also, please check out my past blog award posts (Premio Dardo, You Are a Great Read) to see other blogs I have honored in the past. They’re all still worth a visit, so git, you hear?

Whenever I win an award, Ben and I get to celebrate!


Mitch said...

Amanda, thank you so much for the honor, and the great review! It means alot coming from you!!

Joanna said...

Thank you very much! I KNEW my devotion to 'The Brady Bunch' would one day pay off :)

VoyagerG said...

I agree with Joanna above! One day, someone would acknowledge how vital it is to be a VOYAGER! LOL. Thanks very much!:D

Jeff Allard said...

Amanda, thanks for deeming Dinner with Max Jenke award-worthy! And thanks for pointing towards the Voyagers Guidebook - I used to love that show as a kid!

Jenny Tonic said...

Wow, thank you Amanda! That made my friggin' week! The girl crush is totally reciprocated as you are the only one who knows what I talk about most of the time! So glad to serve in the vintage pop culture community! One day I would meet my kin. First off I would like to thank my Mom for giving us the awesome that is cable tv and my sisters for showing me 80's smut movies at such an impressionable age! Sorry, never won an award before!