Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halloween Countdown: Day 2 - Sweet, Sweet Rachel

I love, love, love this movie which premiered on this day in 1971 as an ABC Movie of the Week and was a potential pilot. Alas, it was not picked up (the concept was seriously reworked and eventually became The Sixth Sense with hunky Gary Collins) and all we have now is Rachel being, well, sweet. It's a great idea: An amiable parapsycologist and his blind assitant (!) help the distraught Rachel solve her husband's supernatural murder. Lots of atomsphere and some creepy scenes make Sweet, Sweet Rachel a blast from the past!


Richard Harland Smith said...

Isn't there something here with a creepy clay bust, which turns to look at Rachel and make her feel not so special?

Wings1295 said...

Another I never heard of! Cool. :)

Amanda By Night said...

You know Richard, it's been about 8 years since I've seen this movie, so I can't say I recall that scene, but I am hoping to rewatch it soon, so I'll let you know!

Wings... go watch this (on YouTube). It's really good! I guess Richard could watch it too if he's curious enough, but I'm up for taking one for the team! :)

Propagatrix said...

Chris Robinson is utterly adorable in this one.

Also: "Eye! Knife! Raven! Doll! Coffin!"