Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Countdown: Day 20 - The UFO Incident

Houston, we have a winner!

By all accounts, The UFO Incident is one humdinger of a good flick. It premiered on this day in 1975 on NBC and is based on the "true" story of a couple in the 1960s who claim that they were abducted by aliens. The UFO Incident stars James Earl Jones and Estelle Parsons as the couple. I have not seen this movie (yet), and I don't want to do any injustices to it, so let me just link you to the IMDb, and the Wikipedia pages. This looks pretty intense!


Wings1295 said...

Never saw it either, but sounds interesting!

Joanna said...

I'VE SEEN IT!! I'm still scarred by it! They used to run it as the late night movie all the time in the 1980s-90s.

It certainly has influenced my deep obsession for all things alien--including "Close Encounters" and "Communion." This movie was where I was introduced to the idea of 'missing time'--that Mulder and Scully would eventually deal with too.

It's very scary! Just sayin'.

Amanda By Night said...

I've simply got to see this movie!

Thanks guys for stopping by and commenting!

Pam said...

I never saw it, but it's based on the story of Barney and Betty Hill, which took place sort of in my neck of the woods, the mountains of New Hampshire. From everything I've read I believe the story to be true...I'm terrified of UFOs/aliens and probably won't be watching the film anytime soon! Although in the Hills' case, not everything they experienced was bad.

Amanda By Night said...

Pam - I am so enticed to see this movie! I can't wait to get some free time! :P