Friday, October 15, 2010

More Scary-ness... and stuff!

For the first time in awhile, I have some new stuff on other sites. I made a list of 20-something horror movies I love (and there's a couple of TV movie nods), for Final Girl. I can't say it's a definitive list, it was more like one I made as an experiment. I sat down and made an-almost instantaneous list and just went with it. I'm sure I'm missing some films I truly adore, but it was fun and I do feel all warm and fuzzy about my off-the-cuff choices. I'd like to thank Stacie for posting it and making the layout so delish!

Also, I recently wrote a review of The Lost Boys for Fangirltastic. I caught the movie last month at a revival screening and was pleased with how well the movie stood up after all these years, and dismayed by certain audience members who are only about making fun of retro-films. This is why I stay in 1987. We took our silly movies seriously, the way the horror film gods intended!


Still sah-mokin' hawt after all these years!


Morgan said...

Your list rules, Amanda! There were a lot of my favorites on it.

Whew, them Lost Boys drive me crazy! I don't know who wasn't hot in that movie.

Jeff Allard said...

I love your list, Amanda! Great, off-beat choices. I haven't seen The Pit in years but I have fond memories of that oddball movie!

Amanda By Night said...

Hey guys, thanks for reading my list! It was fun to make it. I am kind of list-whore anyway...

Morgan, I agree. The hotness of all of the Lost Boys knows no bounds!

Jeff, oh man... The Pit is crazy! I adore it! I actually tried to contact Sammy Snyders once but never heard back. Oh well... He was one wicked kid!