Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween Countdown: Day 8: Where Have All the People Gone?

On this day in 1974, NBC got very creepy with this underrated little sci-fi horror movie. Peter Graves and his kids may be the only people left on earth after a solar flares leave most of the human population in dust. Yup, it sounds just a touch like Night of the Comet, don't it? But People plays it straight and to great effect. This is one haunting little movie. Also, I've said this before, but the strength of a lot of TV movies comes from what you don't see. The bits with the crazed dogs who kill anyone who crosses their path is truly scary, and you never once see the animals. It's that kind of restraint that made so many tele-movies so damn good. And this one is no exception.

You can read my short review at Camp Blood and you can watch a clip below:

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