Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Countdown - Day 23: Bad Ronald

I'm not exactly sure else I can add to the discussion of this movie that I didn't already say in the review I did when I first started ye olde blog. Bad Ronald is simply ABC Movie of the Week awesomeness and will forever stand as a grand example of the small scale brilliance TVMs could attain when done right. As I see it, this 1974 shocker is just about perfect... and I'm not just saying that because Scott Jacoby is so damn cute. But, of course, that makes it that much better!
Bad Ronald is now on DVD at Warner Archives!

I'm feeling all charitable so I thought I'd throw out this title too. Mind over Murder aired on this day in 1979 on CBS. It's got Deborah Raffin, Bruce Davidson, Andrew "super hawt" Prine and Robert Englund! Kind of funny Englund appears here as this one is about deadly visions! It was released on vhs under the title Deadly Vision and I can't believe I haven't seen it yet! You can read a hilarious review of it at Camp Blood (that buzz cracks me up!).


Wings1295 said...

Bad Ronald sounds creepy!

Stephen Langlois said...

Just read your review of Bad Ronald. Sounds very atmospheric. You mention the slow pace, but that can easily work in a movie's favor. Not only that, but it sounds a bit more ambitious than your average made for TV thriller. Thanks.

Michele (TheGirlWhoLovesHorror) said...

I've actually heard of this one! Sounds good.

Jenn said...

Bad Ronald is one of my reasons for living! Go live in those walls Ronald and have your visions of grandeur! You deserve it!

aunt john said...

Whatever happened to that Deborah Raffin? I remember she was the cover girl just about every other month in the late '70s on my Mom's Good Housekeepings. She was always in a sweater of some sort.

Amanda By Night said...

Hi everybody! Thanks for commenting. If you haven't seen Bad Ronald, check it out.

Jenn, I want to go to Atrana so badly! :) Living in a bubble is fun!

Aunt John, I don't know what became of Ms. Raffin. She certainly made some interesting TV movies. I should look her up! I'm a Kate Jackson fan, so you know that means I must also love sweaters. I'll have to check out Raffin's winter wardrobe!